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Services to enhance the employability of the job seekers and to ease the recruitment process of the employers

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Career mentoring

Counseling BYLC program graduates to navigate their career path

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Resume vetting

Reviewing resumes through experts according to industry and job functions

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Mock interviews

Practicing demo-interviews to master real-life interview situations

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Job placement to graduates

Providing and linking BYLC program graduates with job opportunities

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Recruitment support to employers

Assisting employers in finding suitable candidates for their vacancies

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Resource support to external programs

Supporting youth organizations and university clubs with skills development, and capacity building


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Office of Professional Development, a department of Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center, aims to offer intensive career development training and placement services to the youth of Bangladesh.

OPD at a glance

Since 2016, OPD has been connecting the youth to employment opportunities and providing career guidance to have a significant impact on their future prospects and community development. OPD enables youth across the country alleviate their standards of living and contribute to the livelihoods of their communities through income generating activities.

OPD aims to connect more than 25,000 youth to income-generating activities and equip them with employability skills relevant for 21st-century jobs through mentoring and career guidance by 2027

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Youth received employability skills training

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Youth completed online courses

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Youth placed in meaningful jobs

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BDT average salary for full-time employed youth

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BDT average salary for part-time employed youth

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BDT average salary for internship employed youth

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Placement success through Career Expo

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Career success from career mentoring

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Placement success through sharing resumes

Md Abdul Akhern

Director (Planning), Department of Youth Development Ministry of Youth and Sports, Govt. of Bangladesh

I am optimistic about the future of the youth in Bangladesh, as they are thriving for continuous development through training and participation in fairs like BYLC Career Expo.

Milena Sajjan

CareerX 6 graduate
Champion, BYLC Pitch Your Story Competition 2023

Being a participant of the competition, I came to learn useful tricks on making a speech inspiring and captivating. Numerous sessions arranged by OPD before the competition aided me in this aspect

Md Shahriar Alam

State Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

An individual should always search for ways of being part of a team, as teamwork often exceeds individual efforts. BYLC Career Expo is a magical platform which teaches the significance of collaboration.

Md Sakibul Hoque

CareerX 6 graduate, Career Expo 2022 participant
Territory Officer, Upay

BYLC OPD is the place where everything started. It assisted in many ways in the initial part of my career and showed a path to a perplexed undergraduate student like me.

Ayesha Siddika

Managing Director, W3 Engineers Limited

Despite having technical knowledge, candidates are often rejected from good jobs. They need to realize the importance of a strong resume and focus on keywords that highlight their skills and capabilities. I admire the support that BYLC OPD provides to job seekers.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Over the years, the Office of Professional Development has provided job opportunities to more than 7000 youth in Bangladesh. In order to maintain a standard, the organization facilitates skills development training beforehand for participants of various courses of BYLC. These program graduates are offered as suitable candidates for vacancies of partnered organizations of OPD. In short, OPD is the platform which is a completed package for anyone looking for a job opportunity.

  • If you want to get affiliated with OPD, you have to complete at least one course from BYLC. These courses can be virtual or physical depending on your preference.

  • This support of OPD encircles around corporate sectors and non private sectors. However, the government sector is not included in OPD’s recruitment service.

  • A candidate can get guidelines for structuring his/her career through “career mentoring”, can evaluate his/her resume through “resume vetting” according to job requirements and finally can prepare him/herself for interviews through OPD’s mock interview sessions.

  • Contact details for any query about OPD, its services and placement support are available on the website. Kindly go through this website for required information.

  • This decision is taken by the Skills Development and Training team. OPD works

  • The Office of Professional Development does not interfere in workplace issues of other organizations; even if that is a partnered organization. Hope that answers your concern.


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