Acquiring Competencies for Employment (ACE) is a program that will prepare you for the very first job.

This program consists of all the basic knowledge that you need to jumpstart your career with ease and workplace etiquette. Learn new skills and polish them for the future.

About Acquiring Competencies for Employment (ACE)

Acquiring Competencies for Employment (ACE) is a two-week-long career development program designed for students in their Honors and Master’s program at university. ACE is a gateway for graduating students to build the competencies required in the current job market. Taught via a blended module of virtual classes and online interventions, the program aims to equip its participants with the necessary leadership and professional skills required to thrive in a 21st-century workplace. This two-week-long program is conducted in two phases:

Phase I

Students are required to complete some professional development courses in BYLC’s online platform, BYLCx. These courses are short, impactful, self-paced, and can be accessed from anywhere with minimal internet bandwidth.

Phase II

Alongside completing the requisite courses every week, students are required to attend 4 virtual classes. There are a total of 4 virtual classes in 2 weeks. These virtual classes will build on the online courses and will equip participants with the necessary skills required to thrive in the current job market.



Apart from basic training on soft and technical skills, the program will cover after program service for the graduates:
-They would become a member of an exclusive BYLC alumni pool and would receive all the benefits and facilities available to BYLC alum
-Participants completing the program can avail themselves of the mentoring and counseling services of BYLC OPD any time upon appointment requests. This opportunity can be availed at any stage in their professional life which would help them to navigate their career successfully and strategically
-Graduates would benefit from the exclusive opportunity of receiving new job opportunities and one-on-one mentoring for applying in those positions

Any 3rd and 4th-year undergraduate and postgraduate students from national and any accredited university in Bangladesh are eligible to apply. We are also inviting applications from university graduates who are looking for job opportunities.

There is no registration fee for this program.

The admission process will include two steps. After the initial screening of the application forms (round 1), a short interview (round 2) will be held. Your admission is dependent on the quality of your answers.

We try our best to support the development of youth. However, due to resource constraints, we will not be able to provide individual feedback to applicants who are not invited for the second round of assessments. If you are selected for the second round and do not make it to the final pool of selected participants, we will be happy to share with you a scanned copy of your assessment form with comments from the interview board members.

Yes, as a participant you will be required to attend every session of the program to receive the certificate. The program structure is designed in such a way that it builds on the concepts covered in the previous sessions. The overall experience will be most valuable for you if you are present in all the sessions at the program.

No, you will not be able to attend the program without registering as a participant.

The instructor-led sessions will be taken via Zoom. Online courses will be available on BYLCx, BYLC’s online learning platform.