BYLC Connected 2023

Program duration: November 27 to December 09, 2023
Platform: Blended (Sessions will be both virtual and physical)
Registration deadline: November 23, 2023.

Reinvent your job fitness with BYLC Connected 2023 


Developed by BYLC`s Office of Professional Development (OPD), BYLC Connected is a competitive experiential learning program, designed to provide a platform for the youth where they will be evaluated and prepared for their careers, through rigorous assessment stages from resume vetting, written assessments, focus group discussions, case studies, interviews, and possible job opportunities for the top candidates with partnered organizations.

Why “Connected”?

University graduates and young professionals in Bangladesh are unable to perform well in the job assessment process which is making them apprehensive about the job market competition.
Additionally, the employers are not finding the right candidates through their regular selection process. To treat this issue, BYLC Connected is aiming towards building a platform for the job seekers to evaluate and prepare them through rigorous assessment stages to make them eligible. BYLC’s partnered organizations for this program might provide placement opportunities to the top candidates based on their competency. 



Syeda Sameah Absar

Senior Executive
Professional Development and Training BYLC

Asif Yeasin Kabir

Deputy Manager
Office of Professional Development BYLC

Ahsan Habib

Assistant Manager
Professional Development and Training BYLC

Eligibility criteria: 

Participants have to be either 

   ● Final semester students or
   ● Fresh graduates or
   ● Young professional with up to 1 year of experience. 

BDT 800 

Program Outline

● Participants will register using the BYLC website and social media pages.
●The participants will be evaluated through 3 rounds of assessments. The highest achievers will progress to sit for the final interview with the affiliated employers.
● The first round is the Resumé Accelerator, where participants will have to complete an online course on resume writing and submit their updated resume. Here BYLC experts will assist them in building a master resume.
● The second round will consist of a Focus Group Discussion (FGD), a Case Study, and an initial interview where the participants will closely be monitored by BYLC in-house team to analyze their communication skills.
● Upon completion of the second round, a case study will be sent to the participants to assess their writing and analytical skills.
● Participants achieving the highest scores will be called for the final interview with their selected employers.
● Finally, the selected candidates will get an offer letter to join the best-suited organization.
● Candidates who are unable to sit for the final round will be provided with detailed feedback for future improvements and participation. 

Important dates to remember

Registration Deadline: November 23, 2023

1st Round
Resume Accelerator

● November 27,2023 (7:00 - 9:00 pm): Online session on resume writing
● November 28 to November 29, 2023: Resume Submission 

2nd Round
Leading the Influence

● December 02, 2023 (10:00 am to 4:00 pm): Offline session on Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and Case Study followed by initial interview
● December 04, 2023: Case Study Submission
● December 06, 2023: Publish scores

3rd Round
Be the Next

● December 09, 2023: Final interview
● Participants achieving the highest scores will be called for the final interview with their selected employers. Finally, the selected candidates will get an offer letter to join the best-suited organization


Any eligible candidate can apply through the following registration link:
Apply Here

Connected is mainly organized for job seekers. A fresh graduate and young professionals are the target audience as they are always looking for job opportunities. So, a 3rd year student needs to complete his/her undergraduate degree to be eligible to apply for this program

All the eliminated participants will be included in various BYLC courses to improve their skills.

Yes, a participant can apply for as many programs as possible if he/she fulfills the eligibility criteria. 

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